In one year, Americans spent . . .

Discover how your possessions can make a difference!



In one year, Americans spent . . .

What if giving your prized possession could save a life? IT CAN!



We only have until December 21, 2018 to raise $10,000








Every Dollar Doubled!

From now until December 21st, courtesy of a $10,000 matching grant from doTerra Healing Hands Foundation, every dollar you donate is DOUBLED!

  • $4,508.29 Raised so far 45%

Our goal is to provide Sawyer water filters to 500 families by the end of the year. Sawyer water filters are great tools for providing clean drinking water in places where water wells can’t be drilled.

These water filters provide up to 1 million gallons of clean drinking water! Please help us to provide water and the gospel to Liberia this Christmas

African Christmas Candle

With This Ring in partnership with doTERRA Healing Hands foundation is bringing hope and healing to Liberia this Christmas

This hand-poured natural soy candle scented with Pure doTerra oils is our gift to you when you donate $50.00 or more to our Healing Hands Matching Grant campaign. Every $50 donation is doubled

The Healing Hands Foundation is matching every donation to With This Ring up to $10,000 through December 21, 2018. Join us to provide the gift of clean water to the people of Liberia, Africa

Simple Life Mom

With This Ring is proud to partner with Simple Life Mom

A portion of every purchase in the Simple Life Mom Shop Goes Toward the People of Liberia

Our passion is generosity.
Our purpose is to transform the heart of the giver.
Our proceeds help to provide clean water and share the gospel.


We believe that a transformed heart can change the world. Our passion is to help you embrace a life of generosity and encourage you on your journey.


A life transformed is a life unleashed. Together, we are providing clean drinking water to the entire nation of Liberia, border to border, by December 2020.


Giving the gift of clean water to Liberians in need gives us the extraordinary opportunity to share the message of Jesus with every person we serve.

Current Project

Our Mission: to bring clean water and the Gospel to the entire country of Liberia, Africa by 2020

With This Ring is pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Last Well on an exciting new project to provide the gospel and clean water to every man, woman and child in Liberia.

The idea of actually reaching every man, woman, and child in a nation may seem daunting, especially since such an audacious goal had never been accomplished anywhere in the world. But knowing that accomplishing this task could completely eliminate the unnecessary burden of water related disease and death, also made it the perfect opportunity to show God’s ability to accomplish something bigger than men can accomplish on their own.

Providing access to clean water and offering the Gospel to every Liberian would mean changing countless lives in the present while changing their eternal destinies at the same time. We believe we can remedy the problem of water scarcity in Liberia by reaching the remaining 900,000 Liberians who still lack access to clean water by the year 2020.

We believe Liberia will be the first of many nations that will benefit from border-to-border clean water initiatives in the coming years. Join us as we accomplish this historic mission. Your move!

Jana Trabert

[My wedding ring] was a symbol of our marriage and a future heirloom piece to hand down to our girls.  The sentimental value was huge. But to be able to provide clean water to a village for generations to come is priceless.

Ali Eastburn

The very rings that could have signified death and hopelessness will instead be used to bring health, hope, and life for children on the other side of the world.

Mary Ann

Though MaryAnn knows that the giving of her ring signifies the end of one era, it is the beginning of a legacy. Children in Ghana now have an inheritance of healthy lives because of the clean water MaryAnn and Gerald have provided.


Thank you for your organization and the wonderful work you are doing for the people in Africa as well as for the ‘donors’ who are able to experience God more intimately through your cause.

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555 N. El Camino Real #A379
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