With This Ring was founded in 2007 and for the past nine years we have been encouraging people to ask themselves the question, “What do I have in my hand that God might use to change the world around me? “ We saw the impact in the lives of the thirsty when we traveled to the countries we served, but we didn’t expect that learning to be truly generous with what we had been given would transform us so deeply. We have heard stories from countless women who have donated their wedding rings that their lives have never been the same and they wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s impossible not to change when we begin to care more about the needs of others than ourselves.

In 2015 we felt a nudging to begin a new chapter of WTR. We are excited to announce that in May of 2016 we will be expanding our projects to include meeting various needs to lift up the poor and underprivileged through service and funding opportunities. Because of the genesis of our story, we will always have one water project available for funding, but for the first time, we are opening our arms to fund diverse projects in order to invite people of every tribe, tongue, and nation to experience the ultimate gift – an eternal address in heaven.

We are also initiating new projects right here in America. So, instead of trying to find all the great projects ourselves, we want to tap into your creativity and networks to help us find them. On our website, you will have the opportunity to submit a request to fund projects you are passionate about, providing it meets our criteria and is within our reach at the time of submission.

While they are incredibly rewarding, we have discovered over the years that projects are not the recipe for personal transformation. Living in a posture of giving is. Funded projects are simply the manifestation of what God has done in our hearts when we begin to live and give according to what He has given us.

Lastly, we are launching what may be the most exciting thing we have done thus far. We are launching a generosity initiative that will make living a life of generosity attainable. We don’t want to give it all away, but if you like food, gatherings with friends, and intimate conversations about things that matter, you will want to check out our Generosity Shindig and start living a life of impact and influence. We are not just interested in your support; we are here to help you along in your journey of generosity so that you too can experience the life changing transformation that God desires for each of us.

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