Seth Godin on Generosity

I love marketing guru Seth Godin’s take on generosity. Seth talks a lot about what he calls “the connection economy.” Of course our world is now a place where we are flooded with advertisements, marketing tricks and spam in our email inboxes. Connection economy is...

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Bona Fide Generosity

Do you practice Bona Fide Generosity? The term Bona Fide is one we don’t hear that often. It basically means that something is real or “actually what is claimed.” Bona Fide literally means, “in good faith.” If an individual or company gives us something for free, we...

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Welcome to our New Website!

WTR is open for business!I know we have been around a while, but for the last six months we have been regrouping. Honestly, there have been a lot of ups and downs and even times when I thought it might be time to pull the plug.But God is faithful and he has given us...

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