You can now donate more than wedding rings to With This Ring!

Because of our partnership with Tangible Investments, a Southern California Collectibles Dealer, we are now able to accept a wide variety of items. Tangible Investments is one of Southern California’s top buyers of fine collectibles and because they want to personally support the efforts of With This Ring, they have been paying top prices for our rings for several years. Should you have any questions regarding your gift in kind donation after you read the information contained in this page, please email us at

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Gift List

  • Loose Diamonds
  • Gold in any condition
  • Silver in any condition
  • Bullion Gold Items
  • Rare Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Tiffany, Cartier, and any Major Designer Jewelry
  • Fine Art, Antiques and other Fine Collectables
  • Flatware
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Yachts
  • RVs
  • Real Estate –a referral service for liquidation of real estate will be used


Silver, Gold, and Diamonds
Tangible investments will purchase silver, gold and diamonds from With This Ring’sdonors and pay them premium prices. The prices will vary from item to item, however, for silver and bullion gold items, Tangible Investments will pay 95% to 100% of the spot price. This price refers to Swiss Bars, any nationalized gold or silver bullion coins such as Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, and American Eagles.

Tangible investments will buy any and all usable gold jewelry at 95 –120% of melt, plus the value of the gemstones. Tangible Investments will pay more for Tiffany, Cartier, and any major designer jewelry. Tangible Investments will pay all donors of With This Ring a minimum of $100 per carat for groups of small diamonds and prevailing wholesale rates on diamonds .5 carat or larger based on Rappaport guides. Our prices will be very competitive for any larger diamonds and more than local jewelry and diamond buyers.

Rare Coins
On scarcer U.S. coins Tangible Investments is considered one of the top buyers and purchasers from major auction houses. Tangible Investments will purchase items from With This Ring donors at a competitive wholesale price with a very low-profit margin for Tangible Investments with an overall average of 5 –20%.

Flatware and Silverware
Flatware and other silverware are additional items that TangibleInvestments buys from dealers. Tangible Investments generally pays wholesalers 80 –85% of melt. We would pay this same price to referred clients of With This Ring, and will pay a substantial premium for Tiffany, Jenson, and other top silver makers.

Fine Art, Antiques, and Fine Collectables
Tangible Investments is also a leading buyer of fine art, antiques, and other fine collectables. We will provide aggressive wholesale prices on each of these areas. As these products are not as liquid as precious metals, coins or jewelry, our margins will be in the 10-30% range on these types of products or we will liquidate these items on a commission basis at similar rates (10-40% depending on value, items under$500 would be at the maximum 40% rate).

Cars,Boats, Yachts,RV’s and Real Estate
Tangible will provide services for the liquidation of cars, boats, yachts, and RVs as well as a referral service for liquidation of real estate. In regard to liquidation of cars, boats, yachts, and RVs, these items are far more complex due to the mechanical functions of such, and therefore not all items will be suitable for donation. Tangible Investments will use its vast contacts and relationships to maximize the sale of such items. Tangible Investments will only retain a fee of 5 –10% on these types of items (less any direct costs, for example new tires, parts or repairs. No markup or fee will be taken by Tangible for this type of service).

Tangible Investments will provide to both With This Ring and the donor a receipt in the event of a purchase and that amount will be forwarded to With This Ring. Donor must sign a waiver stating all proceeds will be forwarded to With This Ring and that the process is final.

In the event of a consignment, Tangible Investments will give the donor a receipt with the range expected to be able to sell the item along with the precise commission rate. All commission items will not be sold without written permission from the donor with disclosure of the net after commission proceeds.

With This Ring will receive an email of the consignment agreement or a copy of the purchase after item on the consignment agreement is sold. Note: In the case of collectibles there may be third party fees (for example, eBay, Amazon,, major or smaller auction companies). These fees will be deducted prior to Tangible Investments fees

Mail It In!

To donate your gift in kind, simply mail it, (insured for the full estimated retail value) along with your signed waiver to:

Tangible Investments
1910 S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, California 92651

If you would like to donate a gift in kind that cannot be mailed or if you are donating an asset that requires special attention, please email us at and we will help you take the next steps.

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555 N. El Camino Real #A379
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