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The day that I met Ali, I knew I would marry her.

We were very different in many ways. She was divorced, had two little boys and a bit of baggage. She was a fiery, red-headed country singer who scared my mom, but her personality, passion, and love for God made me sure that she was the one for me.

By the time Ali and I met, I had been on staff at a church in Southern California for several years. Over the next few years I would become a senior pastor and leader of a network of house churches. Eventually I became the Executive Director of House2House, a nonprofit that resourced house churches all over the world.

When Ali started With This Ring (WTR), I have to admit I had my doubts about it. I didn’t think any woman would donate something as precious as a wedding ring. I was proven wrong when hundreds of rings began pouring in from all around the world.

Over the years I have discovered that With This Ring is not actually about wedding rings or even water. It is about what happens when we respond to the unconditional love of Jesus in an effort to help the marginalized.

At the beginning of 2018, Ali began to feel like God was calling her to a new adventure in ministry. After praying through it together for many months, we both agreed it was the right time for her to step down from her position as Executive Director of WTR. We then began to pray about who might step in to fill her shoes. We assumed it would be a woman since WTR and Ali’s story has always resonated deeply with women. As we considered many possible candidates, I began to feel felt God tugging on my heart. The more I thought about the future of WTR, the more I felt compelled to suggest that I step into the role. After much prayer, Ali and the board of directors agreed that I was best fit for the position as the new Executive Director of With This Ring.

I am honored and excited to embrace this next chapter in ministry new adventure. As Christians, I believe that expressing our generosity to others those in need is one of the most significant ways to share the gospel. At WTR, we are excited to share the love of Christ love the people of Liberia by providing clean drinking water and the Gospel to the beautiful people of Liberia. We are equally excited about the transformation we continue to see in our champions loving our donors volunteers, board members and staff as we grow together in our journey of becoming more like Jesus through radical generosity. I hope you will join us as we make this transition to what is ahead for the ministry of With This Ring. We believe God has amazing things ahead for all of us!

For more information about Ali’s next venture in ministry, please visit shewillrise.com. She Will Rise will be partnering with With This Ring to help us complete our water projects in Liberia.

Ken Eastburn

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