Is WTR a humanitarian organization?
WTR is a generosity organization that does humanitarian work with the proceeds that come from those that have chosen to live a generous life.
Is WTR a water Organization?
In addition to inspiring generosity, WTR is committed to helping the marginalized in developing countries. We started with clean water and we are continuing on the path that we believe God has put us on. As of now, all of the donations we receive go to bringing clean water and the gospel to the country of Liberia.
What if a project doesn’t get fully funded?
When a project does not get fully funded, we will use whatever net proceeds we have received toward that project. The organizations and partners we
Can my name be placed on a plaque for the project we are funding?
No. We used to offer this as a part of our program but we have since decided that it is not helpful for many reasons. One reason is that in some of the areas we serve, an American name or even a scripture to commemorate a project can result in a community becoming endangered for their faith. In some cases they can be persecuted for our faith. We do make sure that the communities we serve have an ongoing gospel presence so that us not left up to chance. However, we trust the leaders we work with to bring the gospel in a way that will not hinder our work in the community.
Can I donate items other than a wedding ring?
Yes. Because we are working with a very reputable collectible company that has agreed to buy and in some cases sell on consignment for With This Ring donors, you can now donate a variety of valuable items. See our gifts in kind page to find out more.
Do you take mission trips?
Our next mission trip to Liberia will be in the summer of 2019. We will announce the dates as soon as we have them. If you are interested in going please let us know at info@withthisring.org
Can I volunteer?
Absolutely. We love volunteers and we think it’s a great way to give people the opportunity to embrace a lifestyle of generosity. Please email us at info@withthisring.org and let us know if you have a special skill set or if you would like us to find a way to plug you in. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

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