The Ring Donation Process

It is now easier than ever to donate your wedding ring to With This Ring. Because of our partnership with Tangible Investments, a Southern California Collectibles Dealer, we have simplified the entire process and eliminated any complicated paperwork. Tangible Investments is one of Southern California’s top buyers of fine collectibles and because they want to personally support the efforts of With This Ring, they have been paying top prices for our rings for several years. Should you have any questions regarding your ring donation, please email us at

Pricing Guide

Silver, Gold and Diamonds
Tangible investments will purchase silver, gold and diamonds from With This Ring’s donors and pay them premium prices. Tangible investments will buy any and all usable gold jewelry at 95 – 120% of melt, plus the value of the gemstones. Tangible Investments will pay more for Tiffany, Cartier, and any major designer jewelry. Tangible Investments will pay all donors of With This Ring a minimum of $100 per carat for groups of small diamonds and prevailing wholesale rates on diamonds .5 carat or larger based on Rappaport guides. Our prices will be very competitive for any larger diamonds and more than local jewelry and diamond buyers.

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