Liberia 2020

Walk a day in the life of a woman in Liberia as she shows you the difference clean water makes.

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What are we doing?

  • Providing five clean water wells for Liberia
  • Sending two indigenous pastors to disciple the community for five additional years
  • Evangelism and ongoing friendship
  • Building a foundation for church planting.

How can you help?

  • $79 – Provides a family¬†with pure water for a generation and an ongoing gospel presence for a lifetime
  • $3,000 – Provides an entire village with their pure¬†clean water well and an ongoing gospel presence

What if...

you had to walk up to seven miles each way to get a bucket of dirty water for your children? Or worse, what if there was no water available at all? We are partnering with an organization that has a vision to provide clean water and the gospel to the entire country of Liberia by the year 20/20. The name of the organization is, The Last Well. We are thrilled that there is an ongoing gospel component to this project so that long after we are gone, the communities we serve will continue to grow in their faith, their relationships and in their understanding of who God is.

This is why...

we want to fund 5 new wells in the Yarmein district of Nimba County, Liberia, Africa. An in-country pastor and ministry partner of The Last Well will be assigned over the five water projects sponsored by WTR. This pastor will assist in evangelism during well construction and dedication, and will also continue to disciple the communities in use of the five water projects. This exciting project is capable of making a lasting impact on the country of Liberia and all the future generations of Guarplay. Will you join us?

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