This month we are challenging you to FAST. Wait… before you tune us out or click away, just hear us out.

Many people, even Christians, run from the concept of fasting because it seems too radical or too hard. Jesus practiced and taught about fasting. In the beginning of Matthew 6:16 he says, “When you fast”… Jesus assumes that this will be a discipline that we will practice.

Why Fast?
When we fast from food it puts us in a state of mind where we will be focused on God. Fasting is a great opportunity for prayer, repentance and seeking God’s voice.

For more information about fasting, reasons to fast and what the bible says about it, here is a great article: 9 Reasons to Fast Other Than “It’s Swimsuit Season”

Here’s the challenge…

We are asking you to choose how and when you fast. You can pick one day a week, or more. Or you can fast one meal a day. Maybe you will fast eating out for the entire month. It’s up to you. If you would like some pointers, check out the quick start fasting guide below.

Fast for Water
As you fast, remember the people in Liberia who are less fortunate than us. They lack clean water and sanitation. In many cases they lack food and rely on scraps.

We are asking that when you fast from food or entertainment, you would consider sending the money you save to With This Ring so that we can use it for the people of Liberia. You can sed your donation here: Yes, I want to provide clean water for Liberia

Quick Start Fasting Guide.

  • Decide on a time and day that you will fast.
  • Drink LOTS of WATER.
  • Prayerfully set your intentions.
  • If you can, set aside a time of focused prayer and bible reading. Take advantage of this opportunity.
  • When you get hungry, use this as an opportunity to remember why you are fasting and focus on God.
  • Try not to get “Hangry.” There will be times when you will feel uncomfortable. That’s part of the discipline fasting builds. Try not to take your emotions out on love ones or people you work around, but rather ask God to give you more grace toward others.

Good Luck! We would love to hear your stories about your fasting experience.

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