Ask yourself this question. Is there a possession in your life that you would fight to hold on to? What if God was prompting you to give it away regardless of the personal cost? What if doing so could bring you freedom? Jesus often challenges us to exchange our “stuff” for heavenly treasure and for some this can be a huge struggle. Could God be calling you to open your hands allowing Him to release you from the captivity you’ve been living in? Could He be calling you to something far more satisfying?

Because the heart of our ministry is generosity, we want to resource you with tools to help you dig deeper in this area. Please visit our resources page and start diving into your journey of generosity.

If you are you are ready to change the world with a gift that will transform both you and the one that receives it, we are happy to help. Please select from the options below now. AND please don’t forget to share about With This Ring on your social media pages so we can help more people become transformed by what we like to call Radical Giving!


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