Seriously, with everything going on around us. CoronaVirus, stocks crashing, people hoarding food and toilet paper, jobs lost, and more to come, who can care about water? Water seems to be the one thing we have enough of. But it’s not about us, is it? Or is it?

This Sunday, March 22, is the United Nations World Water Day. Usually it is marked by events, fun runs and fundraising events. This year, most events have been cancelled. People are afraid of coming together, or, in some cases, prohibited from gathering. However, the water crisis goes on. 

In this time of fear and panic, let’s show the world that our God is bigger than fear. 

Our continued goal is to bring water and the gospel to all of Liberia by the end of 2020. Let’s do this!

You can donate here right now. Think of all the money you are saving by not eating out? Seriously, this Sunday, on World Water Day, give generously and do not fear. 


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