Since With This Ring was founded in 2007, we have been laser focused on providing clean drinking water to developing countries. 

Why Water? Because the number one burden of the poorest people on earth is the basic necessity of clean water. When a poor community witness people in the West coming together to proclaim and live out the gospel, it demonstrates the love of Christ. 

Ali’s vision

One day I read an article that said that ⅓ of the earth’s population does not have access to drinking water or water for basic sanitary needs.* When I told my wife Ali about this, it made a huge impact. What I didn’t know at the time was that God was preparing Ali for a transitional life event. Soon, Ali would be donating her prized possession, her wedding ring, to provide clean water for the people of West Africa. This was the beginning of With This Ring

First hand experience

A few months later, Ali and I, along with a team of four others were on our way to Ghana, Africa, to see how we could help a local pastor friend of ours. We were amazed and devastated to see the effects that dirty diseased water had on the villages we visited. 

We have been asked why Africa, Central America and India? Why go there when there are so many needs here in the US? Our answer is that, for this time, this is where God has us. Yes, there are many needs here at home, and there are many great churches and nonprofit organizations helping to fund those needs. 

Others say, those countries are corrupt. If their governments weren’t so evil they could provide for their people. Perhaps, but when you go into a village and see a small child suffering from a water borne disease, you don’t think about the corruption or politics. You think about how you can save that child and share the love of Jesus with them and their entire village. 

If you would like to see for yourself, I would invite you to join us on one of our mission trips. 

Water and the Bible

If you ever get a chance to study the word “water” in the bible, you may be surprised to see its significance. From creation to the flood, from the Red Sea to Naaman in the Jordan river, God uses water to represent life and uses it for judgement. Jesus refers to himself as “living water” in John 4 to the woman at the well. Take some time to study water in the bible. You will be amazed. 

So, Why Water? It is a basic human need. Could you imagine living without it? When we give not only our cash resources (money), but also our non-cash donations (stuff), it makes an incredible impact to those who are physically and spiritually poor and needy. Let’s make sure that those of us who have much can provide for those who are without. 

Water is life. 


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